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making remote work more collaborative,

productive, engaging, and fun.

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Stay Connected with Your Team Easily and Efficiently.

Teamwork is the key to productivity. This means remote work can be a tightrope act between a dream job and a workday that can sometimes seem like a bad movie with no plot. With VidDrop, you can save time and have less miscommunication.

VidDrop allows you to build team connection, motivation, and engagement. You are one step closer to living that remote work dream!


So, grab your cup of coffee, turn on your favorite WFH music and get going. One interface, several integrations make VidDrop the “mission-critical” platform to improve your workday---every day.

Daily Check-ins

Keep track of progress with 5-minute daily video statuses from employees. Make sure they feel their work is valued by sending feedback!


Motivate your teams with a star-based reward system. They can award each other stars and win monetary/non-monetary prizes!

Virtual Hangouts

Say goodbye to isolation – now you can create a water-cooler -type interactive space for employees, so they always feel connected to their colleagues.

Easy Management

Stay in the loop with decisive goal charts, time clocks, video updates and employee mood statuses + app integrations.

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