You do not have to give up your old apps completely, use them in conjunction with VidDrop to enhance and enrich your online working experience. Use multiple platforms together.

VidDrop creates an environment that works for all of your employees. Integrations include Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Slack.

Viddrop makes it easy for your team to work by fitting into your existing workflow. Keep progress visible by publishing activity to your team's video chat and goal progress charts.

Add context to company discussions and topics by linking issues with the various applications.


Slack is a wonderful to chat tool for teams  connect. Integrate VidDrop with your Slack interface.


A soild project management tool that also works amazingly well with the VidDrop plaftrom

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a leader in how many  teams communicate. Use VidDrop with Teams to ensure everyone feels valued and motivated.


A solid video conferencing platform, it syncs amazingly well with the VidDrop platform.


"Okta is one trusted platform to secure every identity, from customers to your workforce."

Feel secure logging into Okta and then VidDrop.

Google Drive

Easily access your documents in Google Drive while in the VidDrop platform.


Many engineering teams find Jira an important tool. Integrate your projects in Jira with VidDrop high-level reporting to get quick snapshots or projects.

Google Calendar

Make sure your Google Calendar is always synching with events in VidDrop.